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Draw Your Sword by Burnski

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Quite the picture of current hybrid trends, between old vs new, ‚Draw Your Sword‘ infuses classic chicago jackin‘ beats with a soaring, building anthemic hook. The track builds insistently with a tough, pushing house flavour yet reminds us not to get too carried with a tense and teasing breakdown structure. Smart stuff that‘ll have you reaching for the rafters, in a moment of freshly spun dance music euphoria.

‚Sleep‘, on the flip side maintains Burnski‘s clear love of the deep, jacking grooves of our american cousins, painting a vivid and bold picture of modern, teched-up soulful house music. An irresistible nu-jazz-house riff slides between the silkily sharp drum accents, building throughout and once again providing the dancefloor with some serious moments of tension and joyous resolve.

Press and DJ Quotes on this release:

Martin Landsky: ‘Both are great tracks….They are key parts of my sets already… 5/5!’

Sven Tasnadi: ‘I like the “Sleep”track… Cool groove and mood.Burnski is burning! 4/5′

Martin Eyerer:‘Will play and feature in my show as well!’

Jeff Bennett: ‘Im most def drawing my sword!!!! In my playlist and chart! 5/5

Vincenzo: ‘Like both of them…Great record! 4/5′

Joel Mull: ‘ Luvin it. This bleepy arp in the backround that just grows and grows. Lovely stuff! Nice and trippy. 5/5′

Brothers’ Vibe:‘Solid!! You can expect me to BURN this bad boy big time!! FULL SUPPORT! Both tracks. 5/5

Will Saul: ‘Lovely stuff. 4/5′

Ben Watt:‘Ace. Both swing like a small baboon. 4/5′

Thomas Schumacher:‘Soulful, classic stuff. Right up my street. Thanks! 4/5′

Oliver Huntemann:‘Draw Your Sword is my favourite. Will play it. 4/5′

Laurent Garnier: ‘Big tune for sure!’

Peter Kruder:‘Both Tracks are good. Will play this. 5/5′

Patrick Zigon: ‘Love that EP! Sleep is perfect for me! 4/5′

Umek: ‘Love it!!!!!!! 5/5′

Alexi Delano:‘Very good EP. Will play for sure!!! 4/5′

Mijk Van Dijk:‘Like the twisted melodic groove in Draw your Sword!’

Break 3000 / Dirt Crew: ‘Got the Poker Flat groove ;) Nice one! “Sleep” will be played a lot! 4/5′

C-Rock:‘Both sides are great, solid mainfloor action! 4/5

Jesse Rose:‘Burnski is always cool. 4/5

Maik Loewen: ‘Great Stuff! Full Support! Thx! 5/5′

Marco Resmann: ‘Full support from my side. Will play both tracks. 5/5*

Audio Soul Project:‘This is real house music. I love both tracks. 5/5′

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nitestylez.de: ‘It’s hard to weigh and compare releases put out via a high quality imprint as Poker Flat Recordings is but with its cat.no. 102 – Burnski’s “Draw Your Sword” – the catalogue reached another climax as this one is such a massive Minimal Funk monster that I’d regard it as the best Poker Flat releases in ages if not ever. Both tunes come up with the right percentage of minimalism but bringing in classic House as well and a ultra funky vibe that is made to set roofs on fire. Plus they’re perfect mix tools and fit with any other tune as long as there’s nuff energy provided. Instant classic.’


Robert Babicz is already up to his third release on Audiomatique. “Lidia” was the first, under his alias Rob Acid in October 2004, then “Prism” as Robert Babicz in December 2005 and now “Markatech”, to be released late May, 2006. It looks like Mr. Babicz, who hails from the Cologne region, is tuned in to the Audiomatique sound. “Markatech” on the a-side is an absolute club monster, whilst “Sleeping Beauty” comes along with a more relaxed and dreamy vibe.

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On the one hand, claps, hihats and acid bleeps push things forward, rave signals paired with seriously dark basslines, plus some of those unmistakeable ingredients designed to drag you onto the dancefloor and propel you all the way to hysteria. Mood-wise, the flip side couldn’t be more of a contrast. The ingredients may be fairly similar, but the composition is different. As titles go, “Sleeping Beauty” is a pretty accurate title, hinting at the un-clubby, relaxed and peaceful atmosphere . A really versatile 12“ courtesy of Robert Babicz, very nice indeed.

Phonique Casualities by Phonique

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„Casualities“ is the first full single taken from Phonique‘s brilliant second album „Good Idea“ which has just been released. With the distinctive vocals by Erlend Øye (Kings Of Convenience, Whitest Boy Alive) „Casualities“ is one of the strongest tracks on the album and an obvious choice. The song is a wonderfully fleet-footed Nu-Disco tune with a funky bassloop that lets the sun shine a wee bit brighter.

The track perfectly underlines the contradiction in Erlend‘s vocal style which is melancholic yet exhilarant at the same time. For the remix there could have been no better choice than Morgan Geist, who is one half of the famous Metro Area. His mix adds even more warmth and keeps the song floating, which goes perfectly with the vocals by Erlend Øye whom he had already produced before. Amongst the longer club version of the original, the B-side holds a Phonique remix with a more stompy rhythm and nice, slightly oversteering synthies.

Delic EP by Ryo Murakami

A five track E.P is on offer, full of deeply stripped and rhythmically complex late night tools, displaying some of the familiar trademarks that Ryo showed off on his earlier work for Poker Flat, and giving him room to really work the groove!

‘Delic’ is a typically controlled, slow ride into the Ryo world. Full of micro-house elements and raw, classic drums, its a devilish tool for the afterhours, or indeed for the more creative Dj!

‘Java’ pushes the power even more and brings a certain swagger of lusty intent to the floor. Its a pushing, percussive minimal trip with great jazz influenced splashes of live drums, paranoid vocal jitters and spooky synth work, driven along by a strong and deep kick.

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In ‘Doep’ we see a more playful approach as Murakami takes inspiration from the recent house stylings of the new age to produce a light and skipping excursion away from mind controlling bass, into more summery climes and more easy grooves.

A fuller, more classic sound, similar to that used on his earlier Dessous tracks, ‘Voice Note’ brings the energy back to the dancefloor with juttering sub basslines and urgent, shaken percussion. Its a tough, meandering tale whose energy is maintained by cleverly deployed percussive motifs.

Finally ‘Space’ is included as a bonus, telling the story of Ryo’s constant love of deeper, fuller vibes. Its another stripped groove full of funk, this time with clearer referenced to the old-school house vibes of chicago or new york.

One Lover Woman

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J Hunsberger has been building a reputation as a global player in the tech-house scene while remaining ensconced in the relative obscurity of Ontario, Canada’s southwestern interior. J’s brand of funky, minimal dub tech house is turning heads and twisting hips on dancefloors worldwide. Honing his skills as a DJ in the industrial wasteland of Kitchener’s infamous tech-house scene for close to a decade, Hunsberger helped longtime friend and production partner Mike Shannon establish Cynosure Recordings in 1999, cranking out esoteric tech-funk from the gear-laden recesses of the Onom Room studio. As one half of the Sunaj Assassins along with Shannon, J. released his earliest material on Cynosure in 2000 before catching the eye of Jeff Milligan’s Revolver label.

Release on Montreal’s Mutek_Rec., Japan’s Blank Rec., Philly’s unfoundsound, the French Logistic and Jay Haze’s net label Textone were to follow. And now Audiomatique! “One Lover Woman“ on the a-side features a superb coasting bassline, a sharp snare/clap combination and some disrupted sound snippets. The vocals are the cherry on the cake! Two more tracks on the b-side. First „An Afternoon At The Pool“, which got its name from the snooker-sound-samples, a brilliant minimal tool, evolving a very special kind of deepness. Finally, we have “D Underground“ to complete this diverse release, totally different again. You gonna check dis!


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After his splendid mix for the “Audiomatique 1.0″ (amcd01) label-compilation and the 12″ “Shadowboxing” (am06, feat. superb Trentemøller remix) Copenhagen based Martinez aka Martin Swanstein returns with a great new single on Audiomatique! The title-track “Echochamber” is an amazing deep space track built up on a heavily dark bass and some extraterrestrial sound-gimmicks that make this track an extraordinary trippy groove monster. “Woodenbox” on the b-side is as far out as the a-side, but a bit less dark. A cool sliding groove spreads a deep but slightly progressive feel. Two excellent tunes from Captain Martinez’ space ship – now boarding.

Focus On: Guido Schneider (CD)

Minimalism in today‘s music is quite a tricky thing. The visionary restriction to the essence, to the hypnotic nudity of the beat‘s essence, can still sharpen the senses in the year 2006… or, in the worst case, debases music to the abstraction of aural mathematics. Nobody is so aware of this as Gudio Schneider. „I want to send my listeners on a journey based on hypnotic grooves, but I like to break through the flow of sound with irritating details“, says Guido. Born and raised in Celle (Germany) Guido moved to Berlin in 1996, and since his first releases Guido stands for the cultivation of reduction in a musical area that we tend to describe as Tech-House. Until 1999 he has been active on his own label „Neue Welten“. As one half of the duo „Glowing Glisses“ (released their album „Silver Surfer“ 2003) and with four solo-12“es on Poker Flat, Guido became a firm artist on Steve Bug‘s label. In addition he convinced together with André Galluizzi on a track for Jay Haze‘s Tuning Spork label. Amongst remixes for Brtschitsch/Galuzzi, Daniel Stefanik and Steve Bug for the Poker Flat 50 release he contributed a number of tracks to Richie Hawtin‘s DE9-Compilation project Now it‘s been high time for Guido Schneider and Poker Flat to take their relation to the next level with a full artist album. Last but not least „Focus On“ presents an exciting new album-concept on Poker Flat. Alongside six new tracks, which will be released simultaneously on vinyl, the album features a number of released tracks and remixes which now appear on CD for the first time. Many of the artistes that we record have broken into the world of gambling recently. There are several places that offer online blackjack for fun and big prizes!
On the CD-format Guido mixes the tracks into a 67 minute subtle flow that almost completely dissolves the borders of the individual tracks. „Focus On“ features trippy vocal-hypnoses with ping-pong-percussions („Too Many Voices“) alongside streamlined pumping House-sketches („Re-Moved“), flangercurves reminiscent of the Plastikman releases („Rumours“) and spoiled Dub (Brtschitsch & Galluzzi / „Regenschauer Remix“) all edited and mixed together into a psychoactive extraordinary soundcocktail of the first quality grade. At least minimal House rarely sounded so impulsive and funky with such a perfekt sound-architecture. Whirring and intensive, exciting new and consequent down to the detail, „Focus On: Gudio Schneider“ is the blueprint for the sound of the summer of 2006!


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In late August we have a fresh and exciting new release from Stockholm based DJ/Producer Mikael Jonasson. When the club scene finally entered Stockholm as a part of the underground movement, Mikael‘s interest for electronic music grew bigger. After a few years of intensive clubbing, Mikael decided to start making his own music. It all started with an experimental sound, which then later evolved into banging house, techno and techhouse.

Many productions were released years later. Today Mikael is a wellknown producer and DJ with steady support from major DJs and radio stations around the globe. With upcoming releases on labels like Upstruct, 852 Recordings and Koba, 2007 is sure to see many quality tracks coming out of this man. Besides running his own label imprint Koba Records, Mikael Jonasson, has previously dropped his tasty electro-tech-house treats on labels such as 852 Recordings, Robots, Upstruct, Mad Nurse, Decks Tracks, Equal, Wild Obsession, Bassethound Records and now on Audiomatique. Three stunning tracks on this first Audiomatique release prove that this man is indeed a guy to look out for! The title track „Twenty-Se7en“ is a cool happy and trippy reduced techno-tune that makes you wanna move your feet, while „Dig Deeper“ on B1 is a dark tune with a nice bass-chord. „Chlorophyll“ perfectly rounds off this great EP with it‘s dark dancefloor ability.


Born in 1974 in Sao Paulo, Gui Boratto is one of the owners of the Brazilian independant label Megamusic. In 2005, he began to focus on his own productions and compositions, developping a more narrative and personal style. With countless licenses on respected European labels such as Plastic City, Circle, Kompakt and now also Audiomatique, among others, Gui Boratto has managed to appear in the charts and playlists of people like Michael Mayer, Tiefschwarz, Steve Bug, Phonique, Martin Landsky and Hernan Cattaneo. The title track is „Beluga“ on the a-side.

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This track is a an exciting mixture of old school house elements paired with pumping modern electronic house sounds jacked up with sophistication, perhaps hence the name “Beluga”? „Strobe“ on B1 is an hypnotizing minimal loopy groove-monster and „U-Bahn“ on B2 takes you on a ride through the Berlin tube system. Your sound wagon passes several break stations, soundwise and figuratively. Gui chose this name because it reminds me of the movement of an U-Bahn while in Berlin 7 years ago.

Juror No. 9

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Welcome back Francis Harris aka Adultnapper with his second EP on Audiomatique!

With it‘s stoic bassline and the freaky synth sounds the title track „Juror No. 9“ builds very subtle and creates a dense almost claustrophobic atmosphere. Tight drums, a hypnotic melody and sick sounds don‘t let you go off the hook. Massive tune.

With its devilish vocals, freaky sounds and a dirty bassline „Brandy McLeod“ on B1 is even darker, but same as „Juror No. 9“ still fresh and and a dancefloor weapon.

On B2 Jon Gaiser completely blows the roof off with his his „Juror No.9“ remix.

The M_inus artist who is just about to release his debut album is indeed found guilty like Phil Spector for having abandoned most of the synths of the original and inducing a percussive minimalistic rhythmconstruction which turns the track into a highly intoxicating floorfiller. Huge!

A: Juror No. 9
B1: Brandy McLeod
B2: Juror No. 9 (Gaiser‘s found guilty remix)

Adultnapper will play at the Audiomatique showcase @ Amsterdam Dance Event (22.10.07).

also available: Adultnapper: Gravity EP (am12)